Sunday, June 22, 2008

Spiritual Spoonfuls of Blessing

Well, I did it! I went on a vacation...with the in-laws! Gasp? What? Yep, we just got back from a week of sea shells, sunshine, swimming and sweetness. Many of you know, but I am going to type it out for posterity, I absolutely LOVE my in-laws. They are awesome!! The week was truly amazing. The kids were in heaven. Our days usually looked like this: Get up, eat breakfast, decide between the beach or the pool, swim, eat, swim, eat, nap and eat some more. We also did some of the touristy things, we went to the National Aviaton Museum, the Gulfarium, the Pensacola Fishing Pier etc.

Now, I don't know about you, but a dear friend of mine (love you Stacey!) likes to think that she is God's favorite. Shoot - I think we should ALL feel like that. On this trip, there were so many times I felt like I was just heaped with spiritual spoonfuls of blessing. There were times where I just basked in the Everlasting Arms of Love and soaked it all up.

I watched my children in the ocean, I watched them ooh and ahh over things that occur in nature that would amaze you! There were some things I saw that blew my mind. I mean, I watched a pod of dolphins frolicking in the ocean - it was AWESOME. I had an especially blessed evening on the pier with my sister-in-law and my children. We saw jellyfish, a sea turtle, barracudas, dolphins, sting rays - WOW!

And while the natural beauty was indescribable, it was really the being with family that made me feel especially blessed. There were so many pockets-full of praise. There were so many times that if you would have been there and hit pause you would have been touched by something so beautiful. You may have seen a snuggle of a mom and her son, a teachable moment between a niece and her auntie, a look of love between a boy and his torpedo, a belly laugh, a tear in some one's eye, a moment of prayer, a grandparent doting, a nodding napper, a crevice filled with sand, a pool filled with family and a condo filled with love. It was truly a priceless time of pure and perfect FAMILY.

I don't have pictures to post yet...but I will. Stay tuned.


Margy said...

Color me jealous! But also full of happiness for you! I love your in-laws too! What a great time! Tona wants you to know that Franken pool (Frank Olson pool) is her favorite, and she is in love with her torpedo too! We're all getting tan (mostly Tona) and lovin' summer to pieces!

Becky said...

Tee Hee - yes, K-Man is VERY attached to his torpedo. I have NO doubt he and Tona would be swimming buddies. Ahhhh...good ol' Frank-O, I sure do miss it! Miss you too

PenniePen said...

Well I have no clue what a "torpedo" is, but now I'm jealous and want one too!!!!!

Hey girl! Sounds like a wonderful trip. I love reading your blogs. I can just "hear" you in each one. Miss your smiling face.

Becky said...

Pennnniiiieeeee!!!!! I miss you too. A torpedo is a diving toy - VERY fun stuff.