Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall Full of Fun!

The colors of Arkansas haved turned and they are reflecting God's design. K-man is learning about leaves and to see the process that each individual leaf goes through from life to dormancy is just awesome. It reminds me of how personal and intricate our Daddy God is. If He cares this much for a leaf, imagine how He cares about YOU!

This fall we have done so much already. One of the MANY joys of living in Arkansas is the mild fall weather. This allows for much extended outdoor fun. We have been homeschooling outside, riding bikes, going to the park and just enjoying every minute of it.

Following are some pictures from this fall. They range from Homeschool Fun at the Pumpkin Patch to Family Fun Fest (Halloween!) K-man was Buzz Lightyear and Lou Bear was a Pincess (Princess.)

Hope all is well with you. We love you and miss you. Oh, incidentally, the little fella with us is Eric. He is Kaden's best buddy. His mom MADE...that's right MADE his Larry Boy Costume!