Sunday, June 29, 2008

Four Sure!

June is really a special month for our family. It's the time of year when we celebrate BOTH of our children's birthdays. I call them our children, but I use the term loosely. It's at the special times like this that I realize that they are God's children, simply on loan to us for a season. It is my humble pleasure that he chose ME to be called their mom. It really is the purest of adoption stories to be they are both His adopted son and daughter.

On June 24th we had the honor of celebrating Lou Bear's 4th birthday. It is really almost depressing to think that my baby is 4-years-old! Oiy, where does the time go? As with K-Man, I spent the evening before her big day telling her about her birth story. (Qbear was out of town.) She just rested her head in the crook of my arm and smiled up at me. I don't know if she knew or understood any of it, but I understood.

As I smooched on my little girl, I praised God for her birthparents. I praised God for their selfless gift. I praised God that her birthmother and birthfather chose LIFE so that my life could be so full and rich.

Lou Bear is a beautiful, smart, funny, loving, snuggly little girl. I could not imagine life without her. Being her mommy is something that would stand out on my resume. It's means more to me than my education, experience and accolades combined. In my opinion there is NO greater calling than being a mommy. I feel so grateful that for four years God has allowed this little girl to be my daughter.

Happy Birthday to my favorite little girl in the world!

PS: This last picture is a picture of Lou Bear at Bible School. She wanted to wear her pincess dess (princess dress) and her sandals for her special day. I realized later, she did it so people would say, "Why are you so dressed up?!" That way, she could reply, "It's my birthday!" WHERE does she come up with this stuff?


Michele said...

Can she BE any more beautiful? Sheesh! I can't believe she is FOUR - that's craziness!

Qtipper said...

Awwww thanks Michele, I think she's beautiful too! Pretty soon L and C will be joining Four-dom!!

Tracie said...

Wow! What a beauty!! I just caught up on the last month of your blog and I have to say, well done! So much fun to read!! Your sweet kids are so precious, I loved the pic's of Super Kaden too! What a handsome little boy! Let me know how you feel about arrainged marriages...we are not opposed...just an idea. ;0)