Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I talk to my kids a lot about being Jesus and looking like Jesus.  (Funny, I don't always offer a very good example to them.)  I say things like, "Guys, I love Jesus so much that sometimes He leaks out of me."  This is good.  And, it's true.  But, then I got to thinking about it.  You know, I don't really just want to accidentally leak his fragrant loving aroma.  No, I want to SHINE!  Rather,  I want Him to shine so brightly that people don't see me, they only see Him.  

So, the other day we were traveling and God gave me a visual for them.  It was truly a moment that I am certain was just for us.  The sun was trying SO hard to peak from behind a cloud.  It just kept trying and trying and the kids were cheering it on.  I was driving, so I only snapped the before picture.  And honestly, I am sure a photo would not have done an after shot justice.  But, for one brief moment, the sun came out.  I am talking full on, 
 you couldn't even look at it any longer.  Then quickly it tucked back behind the clouds.  And it opened the most beautiful discussion and visual picture of how we want to be SHINING for Christ, not just leaking out a little at a time.  It was a precious picture that I know was meant just for my children and I. 

I love it when He does that...

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