Friday, January 13, 2012


I'm not really a blogger.  I am more of a poser.  I blog roughly twice a year.  I was considering starting a blog about the reasons I don't blog, but I probably wouldn't write very often.

Life is probably the biggest obstacle.  When life is happening, blogging is not.

Fear might be another obstacle.  I am all kinds of bravado and bull shnooky, but really I am afraid to put everything out there.  I'm not a fan of judgement and usually what I have to say is hard for me to type.  It's not that what I have to say is even for anyone other than myself.  It's just that someone might think it's advice they need to take or not take and then kaplooie!  You see, I have to look at the keyboard sometimes and with that enormous plank in my eye, that's really difficult.

Whatever the case, I am realizing that I am just a poser.  I have a passion for story-telling.  But, I don't necessarily have the craving to write.  Nor do I have the chops.  Let's face it, some people are writers.  I am more a chatter.

So, once or twice a year, I will pose.  And maybe, if I am feeling ambitious.  Then, maybe I will write.


Anonymous said...

You goober! I love you anyway ;-) You need a "followers" button, so that the two times a year you post, I can read and make witty comments back at ya ;-)

BTW, I saw you stopped by brussels sprouts land today. Thanks!

Kristi said...

My QTipper!!!!! Wow! It has been YEAR since the HP friendship days! I've missed you and think of you on occasion! Just popping by to say hey! Love you, girl!! Kristi (Perfectly Imperfect)

Qtipper said...

I stop by Brussel Sprouts often, even when it makes me think, "I will never be a healthy cook." You ROCK! Hiya Kristi!!!! It's great to SEE you. I will have to pop on over to your blog.