Friday, September 26, 2008

Dad Cakes

I am in love. Every single day I fall deeper into love. I am so in love that I have GOT to blog about it.

My husband is the most amazing guy in the world. I am blessed, blessed I say, to be married to him. I am so thankful for his friendship, laughter and love. He is an awesome provider, a great friend, a skilled....well, you get the picture. I love my Q Bear.

He is also a great Daddy. The kids look up to him in such a humbling way. They worship him as a Daddy and love him so much. They have special things they do together like dropping the hammer, eating stubbies and just goofing around. There are things that I cannot emulate nor would I want to. They are special things...Daddy things. This is yet another reason I love this man. He is a great Dad.

Every Saturday since right after K-man was born, on Saturday mornings we have a tradition - DAD CAKES. Dad cakes are pancakes made with a secret ingredient that only Dad knows. He makes these round, flat-tastic fabulous cakes of goodness. They are delicious. The kids beg for them and the whole routine is just a big 'ol family festival. The kids wait with looks of awe and anticipation and we often have fun conversation and great memories while waiting for Dad Cakes.

So, I thought I'd let you in on what that looks like:

To me, it's a foretaste of a much bigger Feast :) (A bit of Heaven on Earth if you will)

Love you Q!


Aunt S said...

Check out Laina's hair! And K is just so chipper, huh? LOL about "stubbies". Watching Ken w/ the kids is such a treat. He's an amazing father!

Thelma said...

Love it!
How come I didn't know you blogged?? I will now stalk you. Cuz I miss you. And well, cuz I love you!

Michele said...

It's sugar. Isn't it - come on, tell us - he adds sugar, right?! You know, my grandma used to add sugar to all her vegetables so we would eat them - and we all used to say "We only like vegetables at Grandma's house!!". So, I'm banking on sugar.

Kathleen said...

Aren't husbands the best! Oh and I'm with Michele, it's got to be sugar!!!!!