Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Accountability...and a big ol' update

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement (taunting), your thoughtful notes (rage mail), your sweet phone calls (nagging!) Because of your love and tenacity I am finally updating my blog. I should name names, but I won't, you know who you are! (Liz, Jessie, Sarah, Molly, Mary Kay, Tracie, Tracy ad infinitum...) Quietly in the background you sheepishly hear, "Oh, and thanks, you are just what I need in my life."
I know, I know, I should really entitle the post Shock and Awe but I wouldn't want to misconstrue anything as being political. I mean, I just have some pictures of the kids and some chit chat.

Life is CRAZY right now. But, it's also really fun. For years I have watched mini-vans with bumper stickers, pictures, license plates and other car memorabilia that read "MOM's TAXI!" I'll be honest, I totally made fun of them. Well, to every mom I made fun of, laughed at, rolled my eyes at, wondered at your sanity - I am SO, SO, SO sorry. I get it now. I really do. We are constantly on the go from one thing to the next. Between homeschool, pre-K, homeschool co-op, Body and Soul, Awana, Choir, Swimming Lessons and everything in between we spend HOURS in the mini-van. While we haven't taken up residence in the van, I can't say the same for old fries, yogos, candy wrappers, juice pouches, straws and many other treasures. I am pretty sure if we buried the van in the ground and they found it in the year 3008 they would think it was a time capsule!

Well, on to the updates. K-Man is ROCKIN' and ROLLIN' with homeschool. He is learning so much. We are using the My Father's World curriculum. He is really just amazing me. I find that he is super motivated by sending things to other people. He was so proud of the gifts he sent to Grandma and Grandpa Simon. He could hardly contain the fact that he was "sending them a special delivery."

K is learning about the phases of the moon, the sun, the planets, apples and so much more. I love the homeschooling aspect in that every time he is REALLY interested in something we use that to supplement every aspect of his education. It works great! This way he has no idea he's learning...shhhhhhhhh. He is struggling with his fine motor skills a bit and we are visiting and occupational therapist every other week. But, he has GREATLY improved since the beginning of the year.

Following you will see his alphabet accomplishments and his Creation creations. Day four was his favorite, so we took a special snappie for you!

The Lou Bear is doing equally wonderfully. She started Pre-K at William Jefferson Clinton Elementary (What can I say, we live in Arkansas!) She attends school 5 days per week. LB has some special learning challenges with her speech, so rather than have her home in our we translate for her, K talks for her, we know her needs and meet them before she needs to talk environment we threw her to the clutches of the public school system And, thus far we have been very pleased, er, at least I think we are. Now, she won't stop talking. "Doknowhatmom?" (Do you know what, Mom?) Is her favorite question. She loves school and talks from the moment we pick her up until she crashes to bed each night.

Of course we miss her a lot, but we know she is well cared for. And EVERY day we get a report on what was for lunch! "Doknowhatmom?" she says. "What?" I respond. "Today we had Tsicken (Chicken)," she explains with big eyes "ON A BUN!" What can I say, a girl after my own heart, the highlight of her day is lunch!

She also has had a run in with the the boy in the purple shirt. Evidently the bitps (boy in the purple shirt) is not a very nice boy. Well, he tried to push her down the slide. So, she came home and told us about this little fella. And I said next time you need to say "Don't push me down the slide I don't like that!" And then if he doesn't listen you can tell the teacher. Well, I hear her telling daddy and he has some different advice. I only heard the tale end of the conversation, but it sounded like "and if that doesn't work - push him back!!" WHAT?! Oh, well, I guess that could work too. Anyway, here is my Lou Bear!

Wow - where does the time go?! I will also try to do a few more posts this week. Bug me about it though, okay?!

Love you all and miss you~
Q and Crew


Traci said...

Yeah - I'm glad to read an update on your sweet family.

Miss you girl!

Jessie said...

Miss you guys so much! Off to update my blog...since its been so long!

Aunt S said...

I love that Ken won't let anyone mess his girl! Little boy in the purple shirt better watch out for Laina Nator. When you put LB for Lou Bear I thought of Little Blessings. Oh Laina is a big blessing. Love how she smiles w/ her whole face! You are so amazing with your children, Beck.

Sarah said...

Great update, Beck! Missed reading about your life!

Tracy said...

Gorgeous pictures of you and E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you have been posting! Keep it up.

By the way, exactly how many tracy's (traci's, tracie's) do you know? :)