Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Lately The Dog has been into counting his money.  We recently opened a bank account and he's all about earning money and saving money.  In the process we have talked about tithing, giving to others, saving for college etc.  He has a blue, ceramic pig where he keeps his booty...it's sacred.  No one touches the pig.  Often, K-man carefully takes out his precious porker, jiggles it obnoxiously, dumps the money out on the floor and counts it.  (Psssst, do NOT tell him that he is doing math *wink*)

On one such occasion, the following was overheard:

Dog: Lou, I'm sorry to tell ya, but I will be moving out.
Bear: WHAT?!
Dog: Well, not today, but when I go to college.
He vigorously shakes his piggy bank filled with money.  
Dog: I'm already saving up.  You will totally miss me.  You will cry a lot.
Bear: Oh, yeah, well I have a bank, too.  I am going to college, too.

She indignantly stomps off and returns armed with her petite, prettily-painted butterfly bank that is no bigger than a minute.  She jiggles it under his nose and looks a little disappointed at the pathetic bit of jingling.  

K-man chuckles, points his thumb and out of the corner of his mouth cracks, 
"I guess someone's not going to college."


arkansaseden said...

Oh, that Kaden. Such a quirky little fella. I hope poor Elaina can save her piggy bank money so she can go to college, too. :)

Has Kaden had the pleasure of an introduction to the Fudge books? I bet he'd love Double Fudge if he's really into money right now.

I did this with my kids in class this year, and it was really fun. You can order free copies (like, 25 of them!) at the website above.

Kelly said...

I can't wait to meet those two! They sound like they have awesome personalities, just like their mama.