Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Like Pulling Teeth

You may find this hard to believe, but growing up, my Dad had this thing. Every time we had an ailment - sliver, skinned knee, infected something, possible broken bone, loose tooth etc. He was always there to check it out. Mom would say "Let's ask Dr. Dad." Which now I realize was either 1) her way of not wanting to deal with it or 2) her way of calming us down. Probably the latter, she was good like that.

Anyway, Dad would check out our wounds and declare them fine or not so fine depending on the situation. However, when it came to loose teeth, he would always want to try things. It was kind of mad scientist-esque. Like I distinctly remember John tying a string on his tooth and tying the other end to a door knob and slamming it shut. I also know there were several occasions where the pliers came into play. Whatever reason when Dad became part of the loose tooth equation, THAT NIGHT the tooth would come out! He was like a man on a mission.

Well, much to my husband's dismay, I have adopted this twisted, desperate need to pull out loose teeth. Right now as I type K-man's other front tooth is loose and it's all I can do not to go help him yank it out.

So, a couple of weeks ago K-man's top front tooth was loose..very loose. For DAYS I let him "wiggle it" and nothing came of it. So, I said "Buddy, I think we need the pliers." To which my boy said "WHAT?!?!?" After putting his fears to rest (convincing him it would be AWESOME) I proceeded to the garage all the while hearing my husband say "JUST LEAVE IT ALONE? What is your deal? Why does it HAVE to come out?"

We went to the bathroom in front of the mirror. He looked at me with big, suspicious, brown eyes and said "Do you think it will work?!" To which I replied "I don't know, but this is the way Grandpa pulled mommy's teeth out!" So, I told him I would clamp the pliers and he would PULL really hard. And guess what - IT TOTALLY worked!! K-man's eyes were as big as saucers. He thought it was WAY cool. But, for whatever reason he is loathe to pull the other one out that way? Hmmm...weird?

Anyway, hey Dad, aren't you proud?


Jessie said...

Oh My Word! I love pulling out loose teeth. Rich loathes it...yet another thing in common, though I will say, I haven't resorted to pliers. K man looks handsome without his tooth. I was going to say cute, but Simeon would have a conniption fit. Boys are handsome, not cute...hmmm...tell Kaden I think he looks fancy! Sweet angel!

Kelly said...

I can't believe you used pliers and he let me! You rock!!! Jaelyn's the only one who's lost teeth so far, but there's no way she'd let me anywhere near her mouth with a pair of pliers in my hand!

Aunt S said...

That's hilarious!!!! It's true, Dad was the doctor who always had a cure.

Erin Neill said...

Oh my! Pliers? I'll admit, it gave me the heebie-geebies thinking of the drama in front of the mirror, BUT, it also made me laugh and miss you more! You are so funny!! Kaden is so very brave. :)

sheridan said...

I love the pics of Kaden holding the pliers.

My oldest would not let me near her mouth. Especially after I told her that daddy would love to help her take care of her loose teeth. (she was terrified!)

julied (from HP)

Michele said...

me think you enjoyed that a bit too much, eh?